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Christianity doesn’t like me.

Posted in irritation,random,rants,religion by Scaramouche on 7 February, 2008

Okay, what the hell.

Apparently, Christians don’t like my beliefs. They write blog posts about them. Angry blog posts, filled with bread. Angry, righteous bread. Seriously, what is the deal with all the bread, man?

So, in this post, I talked about how I felt about sex and whatnot. The person who wrote the blog post linked earlier, “elmantheman”, decided to comment saying I was essentially wrong. He disregarded my personal beliefs entirely and pushed me towards  Christianity, urging me to Christian sites.

I visited these sites (actually, this site, as he only gave me one, over and over again). They’re full of the same slings and arrows I see coming from fundie Christians everywhere.

This elman guy doesn’t appear to understand that I believe in something different than he does. I accept his beliefs (though they are based on something that is, if nothing else, WAYY out of date), so why can’t he accept mine? He doesn’t know me – he called me a HE, for goodness’ sake – and he doesn’t know why I believe what I do. My life, and my AFTERlife, is none of his business. Why does he criticize me on my decisions for MY life, and not expect me to do the same?

Look. Just because my religion is based on my own opinions, my own values, my own experiences, does NOT mean it is any less valid. So I don’t belong to an organized religion. SO FUCKING WHAT? I still take pride in my beliefs, and I still feel fulfilled by them, and that’s all that matters to me. I don’t need an old book to tell me how to live my life. I don’t need ANYONE to tell me how to live my life. I live life according to MY rules, MY values. It’s all about ME, baby.

Your religion, on the other hand, is so unoriginal.  You have to follow their rules or ETERNAL HELLFIRE. Be who they tell you to be or ETERNAL HELLFIRE. Of course, you have no repercussions for being a total dick to people if they don’t conform to your standards.

Hey, elman? I LIKE CHICKS. That’s right. I’m into girls. I’m a girl, and I’m into girls. ISN’T THAT SHOCKING!! I’m going STRAIGHT to hell. And guess what else?  I’m a spiritualist. That’s right, I don’t believe in your god. OMGZ TEH HORROR!!!

When will people realize that hate for others is NOT Christian? Christianity isn’t about being the biggest recruiter. It’s about LOVING your fellow man. It’s about peace and love and harmony and being groovy and all that cool jazz. Not hating on others for being different.

To quote one of my favourite movies, “Saved!”: Why would God make us all so different if he wanted us to be the same?

That’s all from me. I’m out, yo. Peace.

thoughts on sex.

Posted in love,religion,sex by Scaramouche on 12 August, 2007

I’m going to say something right now, and I ask that you listen to me.

I do not believe in the Christian god. I am not Christian in any sense of the word. I am a proud pagan. In fact, I believe in sex rituals. Yes, that’s right. I believe that sex is a form of worship to the gods.

I have decided to remain abstinent.

Am I a walking contradiction? No. Because sex, to me, is holy. Why would I share that holy ritual, that pleasure that glorifies the gods I believe in, with someone I won’t love forever? I am not abstinent to remain pure. I know I’m not pure. I don’t particularly want to be. But, I also don’t want to share the most intimate and intense religious experience of my life with someone and then just leave him/her. (Yes, that’s right. I’m also bisexual.)

Sex is a holy, religious ritual for me. I’m not going to share it with just anyone. Is that acceptable to you? Am I allowed to be abstinent and believe that sex is a religious ritual as well? Or must I be one or the other? Do I have to choose between my two beliefs?

what am I?

Posted in confusion,life,random,religion by Scaramouche on 9 April, 2007

For ages now, I’ve called myself pagan. I’ve said I was a “Celtic polytheist”. It never actually occurred to me that I may not have been right about that.

I am a pagan, I know that. But I am my own unique type of pagan. I don’t fit anywhere. I celebrate pagan religions, like Samhain and Beltane, but… I don’t know. Well, let me outline my real beliefs.

I believe that life is a miracle. Every drop of rain, every stone, every blade of grass is a gift from the gods. I believe strongly in reincarnation, and believe that I myself WAS reincarnated; I have the memories, the emotions, the heart, and the spirit of a wild horse. I believe that God is nature and everything in it. It is in the rain, it is in the trees, it is Everywhere. I believe in being true to oneself, and being who you are inside. I believe that there is more in Heaven and Earth than we could ever possibly be aware of. I believe in balance in nature, and in daily life. I believe in the celebration of life and in the living of each moment as though it were the last.

I don’t know what this makes me. I don’t particularly care to label myself. I am who I am. If that makes me strange, or freakish in some way… so be it.