The Emerald City

FAQs that aren’t actually FA. So just Qs.

I don’t feel like introducing this. Let’s just do this thing.

Who the hell are you?
My name is Angel. You can call me Scaramouche. I’m seventeen years old, and I’m a lady.

Why did you make this blog?
Well sir, I had previously been on livejournal and MySpace and found their blogs to be lacking. I needed something a bit more sophistimacated. Less filled with idiots and emo kids. I wanted a place where I could unload my thoughts and concerns, while still have some room for my day-to-day things. Throw in some poetry and bam-ba-bam, there you go.

Who reads this?
Pretty much anyone who can find it. And evidently you. Hi! Please don’t go away.

Do you like/allow comments?
YES YES YES!!! I love them. Please do comment if you have something to say. I like it when people talk about/respond to my nuttiness. It makes me feel so worthwhile.

Is this a personal blog?
Sort of. I do talk about personal stuff in it, but I don’t mind other people seeing it. It’s an everything blog, really.

Are you, in fact, a nutjob?
Why yes, thanks so much for noticing.

What do you like?
Ummm, lots of things. Poetry, music, Oscar Wilde… It’s best just to ask if I like a specific thing and then I’ll say yes or no.

More to come.

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  1. Erin (Shilo's Meg/Christine from the US) said,

    Hi Angel,
    Glad to know that there are more of us nutjobs out there. XD
    I’ve only seen a bit of this site of yours, but I’m still looking around and I actually like it. So, “YAY” you!

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