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Christianity doesn’t like me.

Posted in irritation,random,rants,religion by Scaramouche on 7 February, 2008

Okay, what the hell.

Apparently, Christians don’t like my beliefs. They write blog posts about them. Angry blog posts, filled with bread. Angry, righteous bread. Seriously, what is the deal with all the bread, man?

So, in this post, I talked about how I felt about sex and whatnot. The person who wrote the blog post linked earlier, “elmantheman”, decided to comment saying I was essentially wrong. He disregarded my personal beliefs entirely and pushed me towards  Christianity, urging me to Christian sites.

I visited these sites (actually, this site, as he only gave me one, over and over again). They’re full of the same slings and arrows I see coming from fundie Christians everywhere.

This elman guy doesn’t appear to understand that I believe in something different than he does. I accept his beliefs (though they are based on something that is, if nothing else, WAYY out of date), so why can’t he accept mine? He doesn’t know me – he called me a HE, for goodness’ sake – and he doesn’t know why I believe what I do. My life, and my AFTERlife, is none of his business. Why does he criticize me on my decisions for MY life, and not expect me to do the same?

Look. Just because my religion is based on my own opinions, my own values, my own experiences, does NOT mean it is any less valid. So I don’t belong to an organized religion. SO FUCKING WHAT? I still take pride in my beliefs, and I still feel fulfilled by them, and that’s all that matters to me. I don’t need an old book to tell me how to live my life. I don’t need ANYONE to tell me how to live my life. I live life according to MY rules, MY values. It’s all about ME, baby.

Your religion, on the other hand, is so unoriginal.  You have to follow their rules or ETERNAL HELLFIRE. Be who they tell you to be or ETERNAL HELLFIRE. Of course, you have no repercussions for being a total dick to people if they don’t conform to your standards.

Hey, elman? I LIKE CHICKS. That’s right. I’m into girls. I’m a girl, and I’m into girls. ISN’T THAT SHOCKING!! I’m going STRAIGHT to hell. And guess what else?  I’m a spiritualist. That’s right, I don’t believe in your god. OMGZ TEH HORROR!!!

When will people realize that hate for others is NOT Christian? Christianity isn’t about being the biggest recruiter. It’s about LOVING your fellow man. It’s about peace and love and harmony and being groovy and all that cool jazz. Not hating on others for being different.

To quote one of my favourite movies, “Saved!”: Why would God make us all so different if he wanted us to be the same?

That’s all from me. I’m out, yo. Peace.

Grow up, take some criticism, stop being such an ass.

Posted in irritation,rants by Scaramouche on 1 December, 2007

Today I’m gonna talk about criticism. This post was inspired by an idiot I know on deviantART who I’ve been fighting with lately. He fancies himself a “poet”. He’s really, really, REALLY bad at writing poetry. I decided to helpfully point out some stuff he should work on (spelling, grammar, punctuation, generally not being such a pretentious twit…), and he flipped out. Got all high-and-mighty. He truly believes he’s better than me, and dismisses my comments as just me being a bitch. (Which, okay, sometimes I am, but mostly I’m just trying to help.)  That bugs me so much, you’ve no idea.

My problem is mostly that he thinks he’s perfect, and that he couldn’t possibly improve. But that is absolute crap and anyone with half a brain knows it. I fancy myself a pretty great singer, but I’m always open to criticism and ways to improve myself. If nothing else, I want to strive for perfection. I can take criticism if it’s legitimately founded, and I know I probably deserve it. This guy can’t seem to take criticism at all. He replies with petty insults (at one point telling me that someone mistook me for a boy the other day [I am a girl]) and totally dismisses me. And at the same time, he demands that I treat him with respect. But why should I treat him with respect when he doesn’t treat me the same?

I have two main pet peeves. One is people using the English language improperly (to quote one of my best friends: “Whenever I see the letter ‘U’ replacing the word ‘you’ I die a little inside!”). The other is people demanding that I treat them well, when they treat me poorly. Both of these are true of this guy.

In reference to the second pet peeve, it’s just pure immaturity that causes it. Grow up! You’re not, in fact, perfect. No one is. The only way you’ll BECOME perfect is if you stop being a douche and accept that YOU MIGHT BE WRONG. Someone else is right, though. And they’re being nice and telling you how to BE right. Just man up and take their advice. It’s that simple.

That said… this guy is still a douche.

an update on my life

Posted in irritation,life,random by Scaramouche on 4 November, 2007

Aaaaggggghhhhhhh. I am sick. This sucks. Sucks sucks sucks. I hate it. Aaaagggggghhhh. Rargh. Bleh. poo.

So yeah. In other news, the past few months in the school year have been… interesting. I auditioned for Jazz Choir at school, and got in. Then I auditioned for Loki, the musical that my boyfriend’s writing, and got in as the lead female. So. That’s kinda spifftacular. Also, it turns out that I’m failing math. I just don’t get why. I mean, I understand the concepts and all… it’s just that on the tests, there are questions I’ve never seen before. My mark is like a 50-something now. Not good.

So overall, not doing too well. Blehh.

this sucks.

Posted in depression,irritation,life by Scaramouche on 16 August, 2007

So, my best friend and ex-boyfriend, Justin, is not allowed to go to my show (I’m the lead in a musical near my hometown). His parents won’t give him a ride, just because we broke up and Paris is far away. Guys, it’s WORTH it! The show is great and I really really miss Justin. 😦

I mentioned his mom read my blog. I’m asking her now, please reconsider. Thursday, Friday, or Saturday of this week, at 8.30 PM in Paris. I’d give you the address here, but… you know. Internet. If by any chance you choose to think about it, I’ll give you the address via Justin. Please, please, please. It would mean so much to me if you guys came to see it.

a brief rant on musicals

Posted in irritation,music,rants,society by Scaramouche on 4 July, 2007

If you know me, you know that I love musicals. They are awesome and I will always be a big fan. I want to be a star on Broadway someday. That’s how much I love musicals.

However, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people say that a  movie with music in it is a musical. Example: HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.  High School Musical is NOT a musical. High School Musical is a movie with music in it. To be a musical, the production has to conform to just one rule. That’s all I ask. Before you go calling a movie a musical, ask yourself this: “Did it begin on stage?” Let me give you an example. Wicked. It is a musical, because it debuted on stage. High School Musical is not a musical because it began as a movie. Difference.

Now, I realize that you can use this logic to say that The Producers and Spamalot aren’t musicals, because they were movies first. Fair enough, but here is the difference. The original movies that those two were based on DID NOT HAVE MUSIC. The Producers was made in the sixties, I think, and as far as I know had no songs except in the musical-within-a-movie. Spamalot was based off of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, and that had no songs. See? Point: proven!

It just bugs me so much when people say that High School Musical is their favourite musical. I want to stab them in the FACE. Because High School Musical is NOT a musical!!

Just had to say that. Sorry. Back to your lives, citizens

(By the way, if you guys have something to say to this post, feel free to start a heated debate in the comments, or even through email. I’d be so happy!)

a moment of ridiculous

Posted in irritation,random,rants by Scaramouche on 1 July, 2007

I was on Myspace, and I saw this bulletin. It was a list of songs or whatever, and this one guy I think was trying to write “Thanks for the Memories”. But what he wrote was “Thnks fr th Mmrs”.

Is this the new Internet Slang? We just remove ALL THE VOWELS? I think I might try that.

“Hll. My nm s ng Mnty. Y klld my fthr. Prpr t d.”
“Stp syng tht!”

Can you really understand that? Wait, let me try again!

“H. My wy. Thnk y, Vzzn. … Whch wy’s my wy?”
“Pck p n f ths rcks, gt bhnd tht bldr. N fw mnts, th Mn n Blck wll cm rnnng rnd tht crnr. Th mnt hs HD cms nt vw, HT T WTH TH RCK!”
“… My wy’s nt vry sprtsmn-lk.”

Hmm… One more try.

“Nw s lng s y’r jst hngng thr, py ttntn. Th nly rls tht rlly mttr r ths. Wht mn cn d, nd wht mn cn’t d. Fr nstnc, y cn ccpt tht yr fthr ws prt nd gd mn, r y cn’t. Bt prt s n yr bld, by, s y’ll hv t sqre wth tht smdy. Nw m fr xmpl: cld lt y drwn. Bt cn’t sl ths shp nt Trtg ll by m nsy, svvy? S. Cn y sl ndr th cmmnd f prt… r cn y nt?”

Yeah, I’m just not getting it. To me, that looks like gibberish. Well, not really, since I know what it says. But to anyone else, that’s unrecognizable. It’s like wheel of fortune. You can’t put the consonants in first. That’s dumb! Always get the vowels in. Always. It works so much better that way. *sigh* Internet people are stupid.

Would you like the translations? I’ll give you the translations.

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”
“Stop saying that!”

“Oh. My way. Thank you, Vizzini. … Which way’s my way?”
“Pick up one of those rocks, get behind that boulder. In a few minutes, the Man in Black will come running around that corner. The minute his HEAD comes into view, HIT IT WITH THE ROCK!”
“… My way’s not very sportsman-like.”

“Now as long as you’re just hanging there, pay attention. The only rules that really matter are these. What a man can do, and what a man can’t do. For instance, you can accept that your father was a pirate and a good man, or you can’t. But pirate is in your blood, boy, so you’ll have to square with that someday. Now me for example: I could let you drown. But I can’t sail this ship into Tortuga all by me onesy, savvy? So. Can you sail under the command of a pirate… or can you not?”

just random things

Posted in irritation,life,music,relationships by Scaramouche on 22 March, 2007

Okay, so this semester at school I’m taking an instrumental music course. It kicks copious amounts of ass. Today, for example, we were doing a Literacy test practice and ended up dancing and basically arsing around, while my friend Esther laughed her face off until she had no face anymore. It was glory. Unfortunately, there is a slight fly in the ointment. A fly named Brendan.

He’s a friend of mine, and he’s not actually in my class, but he signs in anyway because he has a spare. He plays clarinet, and I’m sure he’s good at it, but now he’s trying to learn flute (my instrument). He keeps trying to get me to teach him. He seems to have no comprehension of the fact that I have work to do too! I’m there because it’s my class that I love and want to finish on time. I am NOT there to teach him in his futile endeavour.

Music really is one of my favourite things in the world. I couldn’t live without it. It’s my ambition to be on Broadway (I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that before, but I’m pretty sure I have) and I intend to make it. I sing. I sing every day and I never stop. I love singing. I’m good, too. I will actually be performing sometime soon. Springtime, I think. I know I’ll be singing “Moon River”, and “Cry Me A River” (the jazz one, not Justin Timberlake) if I can find it. It will be fantastical. Also, probably the first time I’ll be singing for my boyfriend. I’m scared.

<(^_^<) (>^_^)> It dances! <(^_^<) (>^_^)>