The Emerald City

Dear Grandma:

Posted in letters,life by Scaramouche on 1 September, 2007

Hey, I’m writing again!

Things have been weird, and there really isn’t much to say. School starts in a few days, and I am NOT looking forward to it.  I haven’t gotten enough sleep this summer. I want to stay in bed!

The play was AWESOME. Awesome awesome awesome. I loved every second. Did I tell you that Allison dropped a rock on her foot and gashed it severely? She had to get ten stitches in her ankle and  it got infected and it just really wasn’t good. Of course, that meant that we needed a new lead, Aphrodisia. I stepped in as “understudy”. And it was fantastic! I did so well, and there was so much praise, I could barely stand it. My director practically fell in love with me, he was so happy. And the dress I got to wear! Oh, it was beautiful! Pure white and lacy and beautiful. The only problem was that I had to wear a corset. Unpleasant. But pretty. I looked fantastic. You would have loved the play, it was hilarious. And I got to sing on my own! I was so pleased.

That’s really all the news of note. I’m still with Aaron.  Things are going well, I suppose. I still miss you, and think of you every day. Most of us here do.

I hope to see you again soon. If you’re reincarnated somewhere, please try and stop by. I’d appreciate it.

Love you, Grandma.