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my last day on earth

Posted in change,death,future,life,random by Scaramouche on 9 May, 2007

So, I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Here isĀ  a list of things I would do on my last day alive.

– dance in a public fountain
– stand on the roof of a building with a microphone and sing
– tell everyone EXACTLY what I think of them (“____, you’re a bitch. ____, you’re a slut. _____, you’re my best friend in the world and I love you to pieces.”)
– make out with as many random chicks as I can
– flash people. lots of people.
– scream “FIRE!” in the middle of a crowded theatre
– have wild, unprotected sex with Justin
– yell as many swearwords and insults as I can in front of the teachers I hate at school
– corrupt the youth
– at the end of the day, fall asleep in Justin’s arms and just never wake up

I like my plan. It is a good plan. Comments?