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a list

Posted in affection,love by Scaramouche on 4 January, 2009

Things About You That I Love:

1. – your hair
2. – your eyes
3. – your fencing ability (hell, just the fact that you fence!)
4. – your smile
5. – your voice
6. – the way you sing along to the radio
7. – the way you hug me
8. – how amazingly nerdy you are
9. – your penchant for odd/brightly coloured socks
10. – your willingness to protect me
11. – your kisses
12. – the way you look at me sometimes
13. – the feeling of your hand on my neck
14. – how totally unique you are
15. – the feeling I get when I think of you; “warm and fuzzy”, basically
16. – the fact that you believe me, and you understand me
17. – your taste in music
18. – how I can be completely miserable and sad and then you show me some random image of of 4chan and instantly make me laugh
20. – and that you enjoy other poetry as well
21. – how tall you are (seriously, it’s a huge turn on)
22. – the way you can be confident and assertive when I’m being ridiculous, but somehow manage to not be a dick
23. – how you seem to honestly care about me
24. – the fact that I still don’t know your full name, because you have like FIVE of them
25. – the fact that you inspire me to write long rambling lists of things I love about you
26. – the fact that this list may never really end because I’m constantly finding more about you that I love
27. – the fact that I cannot figure you out for the life of me
28. – your taste in literature
29. – the fact that you GET my obscure references
30. – the way we can quote movies at each other
31. – your utter brilliance, intellectually speaking
32. – the fact that you genuinely seem to enjoy talking to me
33. – AND, that when I told you to ignore me, your response was a succinct “no”
34. – the fact that no matter how miserable I am, or how lonely, talking to you — thinking about you, even — can make me smile

EDIT: 35. – the fact that when I told you about this list, you weren’t creeped out. ^.^