The Emerald City

A Man of Wealth and Taste

Posted in poetry,rants,society by Scaramouche on 29 September, 2008

I am the lowest common denominator, which sounds like a superhero name if you try. I am the dark and most perverted midnight in a crowded nightclub where all the men who should know better leer at girls too young to care and both are left feeling slightly and inexplicably betrayed. I am the sleepless night and the wasted day, and I will come for you when you are too afraid to watch out in front of you. I am the hastily written note of farewell while a taxi waits outside to take us somewhere free. I am the grown-up rebel, with a mortgage and three kids in school and a leather jacket gathering moths in the skeleton-crowded closet. I am the faked smile in the family photo, the same dull anecdote, the drink and the smoke every night that’s gonna kill you one of these days. Then again, won’t everything? Only if you let it, I suppose. I am the laughter at a stranger’s misfortune, the endless ridicule, the backstabbing.

Pleased to meet you — won’t you guess my name?


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