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shuffle survey in two parts

Posted in lyrics,music,random by Scaramouche on 9 July, 2008


Song Number 1 (name and artist): Gloria in D Major: Domine Deus, Agnus Dei — Great Choral Classics

Your favourite lyric from this song: It’s in Latin. I have no idea.

Does this song have any bad memories attached?: It’s very sad. But I don’t really associate anything with it.

What genre is this?: Classical

Song Number 2: Let It Be — The Beatles

What’s the last line of this song?: “Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.”

Have you ever seen this artist live?: AAAGGHHHHHHHH. I want to *so badly*, you don’t even KNOW. Unfortunately, they are all old/dead/old and dead.

Who does this song make you think of?: My friend Jeremy. He sings this song really quite well.

Song Number 3: No Matter What — Beauty and the Beast

What’s the first line of this song?: Spoken : “Papa? Do you think I’m… odd?” Sung : “No we’re not odd, it’s true”

Where did you first hear this song?: A week or two ago.

How about the first time you heard the artist?: A year ago or so, I think. It was a different song from the same musical.

Song Number 4: Knives and Bullets (And Cannons Too) — Dario Marianelli

Which friend could this be a theme tune for, and why?: I don’t make friends with people who are this intimidating!!

Write down the chorus: It’s instrumental. NYA-HO-HA!! 😀

Why do you like this song?:Because it’s so frightening and dark and creepy and powerful and at the end there’s the 1812 Overture–my favourite song EVER.

Song Number 5: Papagenu (He’s My Sassafrass) — Tenacious D

What kind of film would you choose this as the theme for?: Something about sasquatches and LSD.

Who introduced you to this artist?: My mom. That was weird.

Best part of this song: A tie between the flute solos and the last fifty seconds. When Jack Black starts actually SINGING. Because he has the best voice.

Song Number 6: (Intro) — Tom Waits

The fourth line reads: “A small, suburban communityyy.”

How long is this song?: 2m15s

Is it one of your favorites? Why?: It’s not a *favourite*, but Tom Waits does own my life.

Song Number 7: Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow — Natalie Merchant

How long have you been listening to this artist?: YEARS and YEARS.

What’s the cover look like on the album this came from?: A picture of the artist, in black-and-white.

What’s this song about?: A woman whose fiancé left her at the altar, to be with another girl. She’s heartbroken and she wants to be buried under the willow tree, so that he’ll know where her grave is, and maybe he’ll grieve for.


Your wedding song: Bye Bye Beautiful — Nightwish
Oh no. Noo no no. Way too angry.

Your bf/gf song: Helicopters — Barenaked Ladies
He got me listening to that band, but it’s kind of about the aftermath of a terrorist attack in a war.

The song that best describes your life: I’ve Just Seen A Face — Across the Universe

The song that describes your first kiss: Grizabella — Cats
Oh, no! That’s far too sad!

The song that will be played at your funeral: I’d Rather Go Blind — Chicken Shack
No, though it is appropriately miserable. (Note to self; find sheet music and perform this.)

The song that best describes your childhood: Tony The Tour Guide — Flight of the Conchords
Nahh. Though it’s hilarious.

The song you listen to when you’re mad: Hallelujah — k.d. lang
Oh no. No, this is the one I listen to when I’m MISERABLE. arrrrgh. It’s just so sad.

When you’re sad: Jealousy — Natalie Merchant
No, this is the one I listen to when I’ve been spurned.

When you’re happy: Brothers Under The Sun — Bryan Adams
I don’t really like this one…

When you’re excited: Chorus: If By His Spirit — Great Choral Classics
Occasionally. Huge choirs ftw.

When you’re stressed: Seven Seas of Rhye — Queen
Yeahhh. *relaxation*

The song you listen to when you’re in love with someone: The Letter — Natalie Merchant
ohhh. Yeah. This is such a sad song. “Just an unrequited lover/Wishing she had never/Spoken your name/Had never known your name.”

The first day of school: The Moments of Happiness — Cats
Awww. “And a new life will begin.”

The last day of school: Knights of Cydonia — Muse
No one’s gonna take me aliiive… YES. Riding out in a cloud of awesome.

Fight song: Gloria in D Major: Gloria In Excelsis Deo
Wheeee. That’d be so awesome.

Before the big game: The Ballad of Jack and Diane — John Mellencamp
Only if I’m having sex under the bleachers.

When you see your crush: Here I Am — Bryan Adams
Here I am! Look at me, god damn you!

Song that describes your school: Brick — Ben Folds Five
If you ignore the fact that it’s an abortion… “She’s a brick and I’m drowning slowly”. *glub glub homework glub*

Song that describes your town: The Sporting Life — The Decemberists
I hate sports. My town loves it. >_<

Song that describes how you feel when you’re sick: The Weight — The Band
Ughhh… everything… so… heavy… can’t… move… blaaghghh.

The song that goes through your head when you’re getting a haircut: I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You — Colin Hay
This happened once, when I cut off like a foot of hair. “Aaaaa, nooo… I miss youuu.”

Song that describes your favorite teacher: Wake Me Up When September Ends — Green Day
Because that is when I’ll actually start working in her class. 😛

Song that describes your religion: Black Magic Woman — Fleetwood Mac
😉 You bet.

The song that you air guitar to: Maxwell’s Silver Hammer — The Beatles
Air piano? Heck YES.

The song you dance to: Time After Time — Cyndi Lauper
That swishy single-slowdance thing that girls do. Yes.

The song you mosh to: Save Me — Queen
What idiot would mosh to this?

The song that describes your first date: What You Own — Rent
I don’t remember my first date too well, honestly. So YAY RENT!

Song you think of when you wake up: All I Ask Of You (Reprise) — Phantom of the Opera

Song you think of before you go to sleep: POD (The Pick of Destiny) — Tenacious D
This song has been stuck in my head for EVERRR.


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