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25 truths

Posted in life,love,random by Scaramouche on 4 January, 2008

1. I want you to write a song about us, but I’m afraid to ask you because I don’t want to be a bother.

2. I just got into my pyjamas and dishevelled my bed at 7.30 in the morning, in an attempt to make it look like I’d slept last night.

3. That day last year, when you mentioned in passing that I had a good voice, was the happiest day of my life.

4. I overuse the word “forever” when it comes to relationships, but I want you to know that every time I say it, I honestly mean it then.

5. The only reason I’m mean to you is because I don’t know any other way to stop you from loving me, and make the guilt of not loving you back go away.

6. Everyone says that you should be yourself, but I’m a lot happier being the person who actually HAS friends.

7. I believe in music the way people believe in God.

8. I only ever feel beautiful when I am singing.

9. I hate it when you mention my “squishiness”, but I can’t tell you because I don’t want you to stop telling me it’s beautiful.

10. I have nothing important to say, but I like to pretend I do.

11. I just laughed so hard at some idiot online, and now I feel like a jerk because I found an old blog post of mine where I said the exact same thing.

12. I really wish the girls in porn could fake their orgasms more convincingly.

13. I want to live in New York City because I’ll be able to completely disappear there.

14. I wish guys were more open about their heartbreak, because I’m slowly beginning to hate girls for being so weak.

15. I like the night, because it means I can be alone and no one bothers me for HOURS.

16. I keep asking you why you love me because I’ve been so mean to everyone in my life.

17. I use pet names because I have a horrible memory for names, and I don’t want to call you by his.

18. If Pluto’s not a planet, then what will the new mnemonic be, if it can’t be “Men Very Early Made Jars Stand Up Nearly Perfectly”?

19. A guy posted a very sweet, romantic PostSecret… and all I could think was, “Dear GOD, man, shave off that HIDEOUS beard, cut your hair, and PLUCK your EYEBROWS!!”

20. I’m afraid of what will happen in a few months.

21. I hate you because you’re perfect and nice and talented and everything that I can never be.

22. I’m never saying goodbye again, because goodbyes are forever.

23. I’m completely fucking terrified that I’m going to treat you the way I treated the last three.

24. I feel gargantuan and clumsy when I’m around you, and sometimes I hate you for being so small.

25. I will always love you.


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  2. The Writer of that Bad Musical said,

    He’s a lucky man!

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