The Emerald City

the cause of my insane laughter in the middle of the night

Posted in life,random,rants by Scaramouche on 24 August, 2007

I just got the urge to tell funny stories from my life. Yay!

So, my dad was in university and he got REALLY drunk one time. Went shopping, bought this huge thing of cream cheese. God knows why. Next morning, he’s really hung over, and he’s walking around the grounds. Walks by this huge-ass white wall. Turns to look at it. This is essentially his train of thought: “What the – what does that say? ‘AIRBORNE’? What is that written in? … Cream cheese? … ohhhh.” Turns out he’d written the word AIRBORNE on the wall in cream cheese that night, when he’d been drunk. By far the most surreal moment of his life.

Another story!

My sister was in math class one day. It was, I believe, an optional day when she really didn’t have to be there, so the class was fairly sparse. The teacher had brought in Timbits for the few students that decided to attend that day. At one point my sister went up to get a Timbit from the box at the front. She overheard a snippet of conversation from a group of students nearby that had the word “hypotenuse” in it. Immediately she spun around and declared, “Or a LOWpotenuse!!!” Very loudly. The classroom went SILENT. Imagine crickets chirping. Quietly, my sister got a Timbit and returned to her seat.

So yes. Those are my stories.


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