The Emerald City

I wrote a few acrostic poems.

Posted in poetry,random by Scaramouche on 5 August, 2007

ictorious men of war.
In dragonships they sail the seas.
Kings among men.
Ice and snow is no menace to these titans.
Norse warriors – strong, mighty.
Glory awaits them in the halls of Valhalla.
Sing songs of the gods and rejoice, ye warriors.

Sing with the pipes, my dear,
Calling over the hills.
Over the deep purple heather,
Touching the mist on the water.
Loch Lomond shines in the sunrise,
As gentle mist rolls o’er the waves.
Now I know this place is my homeland;
Dear Scotland, forever, my home.

How did I love you?
Every piece of me was yours.
And when I fell, you were there to lift me.
Remains of my shattered soul are scattered
Through the years.
But why did you leave me?
Remnants of our love, vanished.
Empty life without you.
An eternity spent alone, loving only you.
Kindness I thought you possessed… false. You lied.

Majesty and beauty possesses me.
Under the eyes of the muses, so you shine.
Singing in a voice like bells.
In a dream of glory.
Can you teach me your secrets?

Fighting for my rights.
Royalty betrays me.
Equality between races.
Evil overlords… overthrown.
Dreams become reality.
Only one path to glory.
Marching into war.

Manufactured music
Art becoming just another sale.
In the path of corporations
No one is safe.
Streets filled with mind games.
Thoughts controlled, policed.
Rats in a cage
Experimented upon.
After the world ends
aybe it will be better.


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