The Emerald City


Posted in life,random by Scaramouche on 4 August, 2007

So, I’m in a musical. Yeah, it’s pretty spiffy. It’s in Paris, Ontario. I’m playing the lead female – at least, for the first week of shows. The second week, my sister Allison is playing her. Just because Allison dropped a rock and gashed her ankle with it and it’s really painful and infected and she needs LOTS of rest. Poor Allison. But YAY ANGEL, because this means I’ve got a big part.

I’m really happy about this, because the director, Craig, says that I’m the best one in the cast. He’s been praising me nonstop. <conceited> And he’s right, really. I only found out TODAY that I would be playing this role, and I already know almost all of my lines and the songs. I also know everyone ELSE’S lines and all THEIR songs. I really am the best in this show.</conceited>

Heh… Yeah. So that’s good.  But unfortunately, this musical is taking up ALL of my TIME. I am dying of too much rehearsals. *cry* But it’s still okay. I like it. I was born to be in this world of music and acting. 🙂


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