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Posted in Uncategorized by Scaramouche on 25 July, 2007

Such-A-One and Such-A-One
A Nonsense Poem by Scaramouche

Now Such-A-One and Such-A-One enjoyed a sunny day
And Such-A-One said, “Such-A-One, I do so love our play
But Such-A-One, dear Such-A-One, I only wish you’d see
That Such-A-One, my Such-A-One,I wish you’d marry me!”

Said Such-A-One to Such-A-One, “I cannot marry you!
For Such-A-One, sweet Such-A-One, we’d have nothing to do!
How boring married life would be! How simple, dull, and dry;
I rather think I’d much prefer a pheasant in the eye!”

Then Such-A-One cried, “Such-A-One, how can you be so cruel?
You’ve been this way, O Such-A-One, since we were young in school!”
Then Such-A-One jumped up and snatched his strong and mighty axe,
And killed poor dear sweet Such-A-One with several well-placed hacks.

“Oh Such-A-One, my Such-A-One, why do you lie so still?
You cannot be dead, for I do not wield my axe with skill!”
But Such-A-One lay dead, and Such-A-One called out to me:
“Well this is simply fine; NOW who on Earth will make my tea?”

As you can see, I was inspired largely by Lewis Carroll here. It’s kind of a morbid poem, but I rather like it. Both characters are named Such-A-One, so it’s rather confusing. I’m proud, though. I like this poem.


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