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perfection and forever

Posted in Uncategorized by Scaramouche on 22 July, 2007

There is no such thing as universal perfection. It’s impossible. Well, no… it’s not impossible. But the chances are so incredibly improbable that effectively, they are zero. What is perfect, anyway? How can you define perfect? If perfect means “fulfilling a set of standards”, then perhaps you can be perfect in one aspect, or to one person. But you can never be universally perfect. Never. Because everyone has different standards for different things. You can’t please everyone. It’s not possible. You can’t meet everyone’s standards at once. Example: My perfect partner has blue eyes and black hair. My best friend’s perfect partner has green eyes and red hair. If she found a person with green eyes and red hair, she’d think that person was perfect. But I wouldn’t, because he doesn’t fulfill my standards; he fulfills hers. You see what I mean here? Perfect is not a universal thing. It’s just not possible. No one person can fulfill everyone’s standards at once.

Also! Nothing lasts forever. It’s scientifically impossible. The world will end at some point, and with it, everything else. A relationship can last until one or both partners die, but when that happens, the relationship will have ended. And even if, by some miracle of science, both partners remain alive, at some point the world will end. Then EVERYONE WILL DIE and the many relationships on Earth will end. Because everyone will be dead. So, while the word forever is very romantic and “oh nothing can stop my love for you, wah wah wah”, it doesn’t actually mean anything. Feelings change. People die. THE WORLD ENDS. And so does everything else. And there’s nothing we can do about it.

I realize, now, that I sound like a big downer. But it’s true. This is what I’ve been thinking about for ages. It’s true. I’ve had great experience with the word “forever”, and I know that it never really means what people want it to mean. Never. You can’t just say “forever” and not be lying, because NOTHING. LASTS. FOREVER.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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