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drifting away

Posted in change,relationships,society by Scaramouche on 19 March, 2007

You know who they are. They’re the people who used to laugh with you and be your friends. They’re the people who hugged you when you were sad, who made you smile when you were lonely. They’re the ones you thought would be your friends forever.

But it didn’t happen, did it? Years passed, and the friends you swore you’d be with forever slipped away. They became just faces in the halls of life. You’d pass by them and not remember their names, when once you’d have known all their secrets. They change, turn into entirely new people, but somehow you still look at them and remember who they were Before. When life was innocent and the world was yours to explore.

The thing is, they grew up while you remained the same as ever. The girls became beautiful and vain, preening themselves in class and not listening to a word the teachers said, and the boys became taller, stronger, and less prone to undesired squeaks in the middle of a sentence. They all matured, and became People, while you stayed a child. You never knew that people could leave their old selves behind so fast.

It feels strange, leaving them all behind. You realize, though, that they are not the same person. Like jackals, they sense that you are weaker, unwilling to give in to the pressures of becoming Just Like Them, and they attack. You have to eat or be eaten. So you fight back, and end up hating the ones you once swore you’d love forever. It happens and we are powerless to stop it.

It will happen to all of us. Even the best of friends part ways eventually. So seize the moment! Tell your friends you love them and hang on to them as much as you can.  Life is waiting to rip you apart. So when it does, be sure that you’ve lived this friendship as much as you possibly can.


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  1. BH said,

    Love the righting hun.

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