The Emerald City


Posted in introduction by Scaramouche on 16 March, 2007

Well, this is an interesting development. I seem to have acquired a blog of my very own. Now, for the most part, my blogs have been solely on LiveJournal and MySpace, so this should be an extremely new, if not downright bizarre, experience. I was told that this is infinitely better than the aforementioned blogs, so I’ll give it a shot.

By the way, I don’t usually write like this, but under the circumstances I feel it is appropriate. Something about this website demands propriety and dignity, and none of the usual “OMGWTFLOLZORZ” claptrap one usually sees on the Internet. Probably the font I’m using. Good heavens, it feels stiff and English.

Well, I shall end this rather laborious task of writing, as truly anything more I write will be merely cliches and other such nonsense. Adieu.


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  1. Justin said,

    Hehehe, you’re so adorable 😛

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